Poseiden Bike Review by Doc Wilson

I first saw this bike at the InterBike 2015 Expo in Las Vegas. After a long exhausting day of looking at many different bikes, a completely decked bike with high-end carbon rims and race components weighing in at 18 pounds caught my eye. I asked the representative if it was a carbon bike, and as[…]

Bike Angels Helping to Replace Burned Bikes

People who ride bicycles are very generous. There is a generous program sponsored by a volunteer group to replace bicycle burned in the horrific Livermore fire that destroyed over 1,000 homes. Candy Alcott, now called the “Bike Angel” has taken upon herself to collect bicycles and helmets from around the state and transport them to Livermore.


Great Western Bicycle Rally — Another kind of family theme park

Don and I just attended our first (of many years to come), Great Western Bicycle Rally It was the first time we had been to such a bicycle event. Shortly after arriving we saw that we were in our own special adult/family theme amusement park– dedicating to cycling! The rally occured over multiple days in Paso Robles, California. We started out in historical frontier land, Paso Robles, in Central, California home of the wine country and hot springs that were seen as sources of healing.